Turn what over?

Oh yeah. A NEW LEAF.

Today was meant to be weigh-in day – measurement day? commune via text about houseplants day? revel in what strange lives we lead and then post about it on the internet day? whatever – for our Formula 1-1-1* Racing Figs.

You may recall that last time we checked in, Omar won it by a landslide of cuteness, by virtue of having a new baby leaf, which, let’s face it, trumped the heck out of Pudding’s paltry few inches of growth. I was ready to accept a second trouncing today, because I MAY have accidentally VERY SLIGHTLY let Pudding get scorched sitting in front of a window. And then it’s POSSIBLE I compounded the problem by going an EENSY bit overboard with the watering, because OH NO BROWN LEAVES, QUICKLY, TO THE FAUCET.

And people actually let me be responsible for animals, and ask me why I don’t have kids. Can you imagine?

Anyway, defeat was in the cards…except.


You know what’s cuter than a baby leaf?




You know what’s even more adorable than that?

When another leaf somehow managed to sneak its entire baby-stage right past you.


PUDDING WINS THIS ROUND, scorch marks and all!


* = it’s a fertilizer joke. No? No? Anyone? #plantnerdproblems, I guess.