Make vs. Buy – Pet Edition

If I haven’t made it clear yet, I’ll say it again… my dogs are a bit special. Gunnar has dietary restrictions which prevent him from enjoying most table scraps and Ellie, well, she will eat a bandaid… literally.

So when it comes to finding them healthy snack options and treats to enjoy, we’re limited to vegetarian options for the most part. Given the chance Gunnar would only eat from the garden – fenced or not. He’s like a rabbit.

Sweet potato treats are a fave in our house. Both pups enjoy munching on them, but they go too quickly for being as pricey as they are. So, what’s a doggy mom supposed to do but try my hand at making my own. Scour the interwebs for just a few minutes and you can find the answer to nearly all life questions – making sweet potato dog treats was no different. Also, made for an excuse to try my mandolin again. 

Why haven't I used this gem more often?

Why haven’t I used this gem more often?

Only to remember why I don’t like my mandolin.

Oh... yeah

Oh… yeah

Sweet Potato Dog Chewies

Large Sweet Potato/Yams
Sharp cutting tool

Natural treats

Natural treats

After my mandolin failed me, I went to a knife and sliced up the pre-treats into a fairly thick chip. I knew this was going to be a slow process, so I cut them about 1/4 inch. The thicker your treat, the longer the baking time but also the longer the chewing-treat experience for the pups!

Rounds were a hit for Gunnar

Rounds were a hit for Gunnar

After you’ve sliced everything as you want, place them on the cookie sheet and place them in the pre-heated oven, set at your oven’s lowest temp.

Ellie liked to gum the long slices best!

Ellie liked to gum the long slices best!

Here’s where patience come in. I put these bad boys in around 10am Saturday Morning… they were still soft and damp by bed time that evening. So, I turned off the oven, left them in there through the night and turned the oven back on in the morning for a few more hours.

Slow and Steady

Slow and Steady

The dogs, however, could have cared less how long they took, as long as they landed in their paws!

Are they ready yet??

Are they ready yet??

For sub-$5, this was much more a worth-while venture. Two or three yams yielded us plenty of treats for the week and I didn’t feel guilty dolling them out more liberally, knowing I wasn’t breaking the bank all the time.

Hot or Not - I want them ALL!!!

Hot or Not – I want them ALL!!!

Give them a try, truly. I have another batch in the oven as I put this up and the dogs know what’s to come. How could I say no to those faces??



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