E is for Ellie

Once upon a time, I thought receiving a puppy for my birthday would be the greatest gift in the world.

Then we got Ellie.

Disclaimer: I love Ellie and she is the first dog I have ever had to call my own and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. However, she has her moments. All the time. And those usually include some variation of destruction or poop. Sometimes both at the same time. But anyway, meet Ellie:

Ellie the day we brought her home

Ellie the day we brought her home

Ellie was a rescue from a kill shelter in California, transported up here under less than ideal circumstances and, what we now know, was at too young an age. She had a rough initial few weeks with us due to illness and just being tiny (she was barely pushing 4lbs when we took her home). But now, she’s a feisty, healthy dog constantly trying to wrestle with big brother, Gunnar, or beg for table scraps, or keep you warm at night. She is the sweetest.

A little pneumonia in her first weeks.

A little pneumonia in her first weeks.

So, as we round the corner to the month that officially kicks off summer and say good-bye to a month full of blooms and Spring optimism, I thought I would share a little gift I made for Ellie. And it starts with a $5 bouquet.

– Letter frame of your choosing (I went with the basic cardboard letter from the craft store that I still had on hand from another project)
– Floral Oasis and cutting tool (I started out with an Xacto knife, then graduated to the kitchen knife… don’t tell my husband!)
– Flowers of whatever variety makes you happy

Ready the supplies!

Ready the supplies!


Empty E awaiting

Empty E awaiting

Remove the top part of your letter so the sides are still intact and then stuff with oasis as tight as possible. This will allow you to place as many flowers as possible without compromising the oasis too much.

Try to use big pieces for as much as possible

Try to use big pieces for as much as possible

If you’re like me, you’ll follow the directions on the oasis and add water… forgetting that water and cardboard aren’t the closest of friends. You now have about 10 good minutes left to work, until your letter gets a bit… wobbly. Still workable, so don’t fret. Just a little warning.

A little here...

A little here…

Begin placing your flowers. I worked first with my main flower and started in a corner, working my way over and down. I tried to space the more open flowers evenly throughout the letter, going back with the closed buds to fill in holes.

...A little there

…A little there

Add any greenery or variations that you like. I really liked the way the eucalyptus was adding structure to the arrangement, but ran out of smaller pieces. Next time.

The greens go in...

The greens go in…

It’s really as simple as that. It was the quickest, most gratifying project I’ve attempted in a long time. I only wish I had more confidence in the end product, I would have invested more money in variations of blooms or done all high-quality silk flowers for something more permanent.

Ready for delivery

Ready for delivery

But, with my gift in hand, it was time to present it to my darling Ellie and see what she thought. And hopefully lure her with treats into taking a few cute photos.

I think she would rather have a treat

I think she would rather have a treat

I think Ellie was more interested in the treats being used for her to hold still than she was the actual flowers. Which, I guess is good, seeing as how she didn’t automatically start chewing on it.

"I'd like to be done now"

“I’d like to be done now”


Ellie likes to lend a hand paw whenever she can to my projects. Often that means she’s running off with a loose stem or eating mangled macarons. She even tried to scuttle off with one of my plaster flower fails. I let her get out the door until I realized she was leaving a trail of plaster as she shook the flower.

But sometimes, when I’m not even home, Ellie just helps herself. This usually means some form of outdoor plant matter being brought inside and mulched. Bark, twigs, clods of grass. It’s not everyday, or every other day. It’s random. Completely random. Maybe some weird lunar pull is happening and causing her to be weird. But she can go a week and be fine, no hidden trees inside, and then days in a row, it’s something.

But all that to say, she just might be the end of me.

The insides of two Ikea throw pillows.

The insides of two Ikea throw pillows.

What a helper!!!

Here’s to long walks on the beach and warm summer nights!!



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