Better off Pinned

As Shannon mentioned, she and I have had the idea of plaster flowers in our minds for quite some time… the instructions were there and the desire to make it happen was there. What could go wrong?

Let me break this down for you as it stands:

Pinterest is a tease!

Blame Design Mom and her perfect ideas!

Blame Design Mom and her perfect ideas!

It lures you with the Photoshop pictures of crafts easily accomplished. It makes you think you’re capable. you’re crafty. You’re inventive.

The internet tricks you!

Anything and everything is available with a few clicks and an elementary understanding of Google. You find instructions for your pins and you say… I totally got this.

Then if you’re like Shannon and I… you go for it. “Let’s see what this is really about!” What’s the worst that can happen? Well… if you don’t remember, here is Shannon’s “worst”.



I thought… maybe between Shannon’s fail and the hyped up successes littering the internet, I could fare better? So… I attempted it.

Peonies fared the best

Peonies fared the best

I prepped.

Trimmed, glued and waiting

Trimmed, glued and waiting

Had to perform minor surgery on a few

Had to perform minor surgery on a few

I gave myself enough working space and even set myself up outside so I wouldn’t be too worried about spraying plaster of paris everywhere.

Preparation is 9/10 of success, right?

Preparation is 9/10 of success, right?

And then I dove in… and you know what I found out?

What the What?!

What the What?!

Some things… are better off Pinned. And by that I mean, some things… just ARE too good to be true. Or perhaps there is a special crafty gene and I just don’t have it? Or the craft-force isn’t strong in this one? Whatever it is, my results were nothing like my expectations.

So far away...

So far away…

Now, that’s not to say I’m totally disappointed. As it stands now, I can see where I can take this project from a C+ to at least a B.


Here’s what I did. I trimmed the flower like the instructions said, cutting out the tightest of the middle section and then I even used hot glue to try to create a more even surface for the tealight. I made sure (using said tealight) that I had left enough inner flowers to encircle the candle, but enough open space I wasn’t crafting a fire hazard.


My approach with the plaster and the dunking was, mix and then wait. I would quickly spin the flower while I still had a long stem and then dunk again. On the second dunk I would mostly shake off any excess, trim off the stem just leaving the stump by the base of the flower and then set it down to rest.


I started out WAY too runny (in my opinion) and didn’t get every much coverage. And after I was finished entirely, it dawned on me. The best way I see getting the coverage as bragged about on Pinterest while still maintaining some semblance of the flower you are attempting to cast in plaster is to get the consistency just right. I found that about 1-2 minutes after the initial mix I was achieving much better coverage, but still able to shake and twirl with results. This got me thinking (after the fact of course). If you were able to let the mixture rest more, perhaps things would cover the flowers better.

Those are my legs!

Those are my legs!

After I baptized all the flowers and laid them out, I had just a handful of the stuff left, and I do mean handful, it was the consistency of mashed potatoes at this point. I called out for Mr. Plaid to assist and he “willingly” came out to do a photo for me.

While he was making sure to get my legs in the photo, I was “touching up” the flowers by kind of just swiping my plastery fingers along the petals. I even re-dunked a flower… and that’s when I thought – well, shit. What if we did a runny base coat and then a chunkier “coverage” coat?

Too late. Oh well. It’s done.


I brought the flowers inside to finish drying and made myself a drink.


it’s not a complete waste and as I said.. I have ideas rolling around with the vodka for how to improve the project. Maybe the next time JoAnn’s has a sale, I’ll grab a few more flowers and try it again from the top. But right now? The fact that I did it and didn’t cuss or hurl plaster-coated flowers at the dog or my spouse, means I didn’t fail in all areas. And I’m ok with that.

Not a complete failure I guess

Not a complete failure I guess



Have you ever tried something from Pinterest only to have it blow up in your face? We should start a support group.

Maybe these will look better with the lights off?

Maybe these will look better with the lights off?





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