Let the Sun Shine In

Everything that could have gone wrong with this month’s projects basically did.  I got sick.  I couldn’t find a chair, like, at all.  I made some truly spectacularly questionable purchases, and some even more spectacularly questionable paint choices.  The weather worked against me in to an extent that I think you have to live in Washington to really appreciate.  Grand plans like crafts, curtains, and cooking fell into the puddle that passes for a wayside.

You know what, thought? Sometimes everything works out just the way it should.


Like you find, buried in a box, a duvet cover that just happens to match all the things ever.


Or you buy a wicker chair in an over-the-counter-drug fueled haze, and happen to have a random pillow just the right size for its seat.


Maybe you suddenly find a use for the random textile postcards you impulse bought a decade ago.


Possibly a rainy-day amble through Target will drop a perfect package of party decoration into your cart.


Yeah, sometimes it all comes together.


Like, really.  Even that pink and gold paint thing. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Nyquil. Never leave me.


I think we’ll go ahead and call this guest room open for business!


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